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Welcome to The Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight!


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It’s quite a mouthful, we know. But the mission and message the UPHW is important and we are so glad that you have found us. The first question most people ask when they see our name is…

What is your definition of “Healthy Weight”?

These days, it’s pretty hard to know. The media is full of extremes. From celebrities who gain front-page status every time they gain a couple pounds, to commercial product campaigns telling us what’s beautiful and what’s not, it’s nearly impossible to gain any insight into what’s healthy. But we’ll try to clarify.

Put simply, a healthy weight is: “A weight that’s right for your body shape, age, and physical conditioning.” It’s not about a number on a scale – although that can show if you’re headed for trouble – and it’s not about clothing size. Overweight, underweight, and obesity are simply measurements of how much fat you carry on your body. You can be underweight, or normal weight, and still have an unhealthy amount of body fat. Furthermore, people who have a lot of muscle may be overweight on the scale, but have little body fat at all.

So, the best way to find out if you’re underweight, overweight, or obese is to ask your health care provider. He or she can measure you properly and then guide you to the people and organizations in your community that can help you reach a healthy weight.

The Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight is one of those organizations. While not a “weight management” program, we are working to empower and encourage Utahns to make healthy choices whenever possible, while at home, work, school, church, or at play.

You see, we recognize that each one of us only has one body. And while science and medicine have helped humans overcome many public health challenges, they can only do so much. It is up to each of us to take care of our families and ourselves by making healthy food choices every day, by being physically active, and by building communities that make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Now’s the time to get started. Take a minute to check out the Reality of the obesity epidemic in Utah. Then Meet Jimmy – an example of how this epidemic is harming our children. Explore how the Laugh Model can help revolutionize public health, and learn about the Mission of the UPHW. Hopefully, you will be inspired to join us and become part of the Solution.

Become part of the solution right now! Donate to the UPHW.